Daddy's Coming Honey!

The Face

When I was a child, I knew as a child, and I knew that 4D was what happened to 3D when the Muppets took over. If you went to MGM studios, you knew this, and you got a pie in the face.

But yesterday the grandmothers and my sis-in-law and Carrie and I all went to what is called a 4D ultrasound. I didn’t bother to ask the technician why it’s called 4D, so I will make something up. The three dimensions of time and space plus the dimension of color=4D. 3D movies always had color, but they forgot to include the other dimension before. See, a regular ultrasound is not only 2D, but in black-n-white. The color adds a sort of…extra life to the image.

What you get is something like this:

Cute, ain’t he?

He was a little shy. Turned his head to the side and had those hands up near his face. And he was smirking the whole time. Little devil. He takes after his daddy. But one thing’s for sure: He has his mother’s cheekbones.

So there’s the face. In four dimensions. I suppose when he arrives he will be in five dimensions. Including smell-o-vision.


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